Black Women Thriving

As Black History month comes to an end and Women’s History Month begins, we’d like to take a minute to highlight some truly extraordinary Black Women who are thriving. First on the list we have Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was nominated last week by President Biden to the Supreme Court. Upon completion of her confirmation process, she will be the first ever Black Woman to sit on the Supreme court. Judge Brown Jackson makes history during Black History Month and we love to see it. 

Second on our list is a close, personal favorite of mine, my mother! Dr. Gloria Okoh continues to be a woman of grace, compassion, and intelligence. As a single mother of 4 children, Dr. Okoh has always stressed the importance of education. This is very much evidenced by her ability to receive her Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D whilst simultaneously putting her children through private school and college. My mother continues to thrive in her work as an educator, pouring into the new wave of nursing students.

Last but certainly not least is our Co-Founder Erica Freeman. Erica is a risk taker, a move maker, and in the best way, a rule breaker. Aside from our small business, Erica has made a name for herself through her work as a baker and co-owner of her company, Two Chicks In The Mix. She continues to thrive in running her business and working a 9-5 while simultaneously being an amazing friend, daughter, cousin, and aunt. 

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