The 1989 Sweater: Three Ways

Now, more than ever, is the time to invest in a new favorite sweatshirt and we got you covered! We enjoy all of the opportunities a “tried and true” sweatshirt can bring to a wardrobe. Because 1989 is a top-tier year and one of our favorite items from the collection, we’ll show you a few ways to wear your sweatshirt this season.


Pleated skirts will add a fun and flirty look to any sweatshirt. Pair with your favorite classic tennis shoes and a simple hoop earrings for comfort and style.


During the chillier months, layer a turtleneck underneath. What’s great about the 1989 design is that you can play with the different colors in the graphic text. For this outfit, I let the white print shine through by pairing with white accessories and a white turtleneck. 

Inspired by the border colors surrounding the 1989 text, use different pops of color to build around the sweatshirt. This midi shirt and statement booties combo elevated the look that was very appropriate for a fall-time brunch or coffee date. 


How are you wearing your TCN sweatshirt this season? 

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